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Managed Care Division

Sara Marecki (501) 686-6242
Manager, Payor Relations and Contracting

Contract Analysts:
Jessica East (501) 526-5887
Sharon Suen (501) 526-7044

The Managed Care Division is responsible for contracting with managed care companies on behalf of the UAMS Medical Center. This includes monitoring, re-negotiating and managing these contracts.


In today’s world, most insurance coverage utilizes a provider “network.” Insurance companies require or make it beneficial for their subscribers to go to a doctor or a hospital that is “in network.” In order to be “in network” the doctors and hospital must enter a managed care agreement.

Individual Agreements

If a patient needs services at UAMS, but UAMS is not in that patient’s network, it is sometimes possible for the Managed Care Division to negotiate an individual agreement with the payor. This will allow in network benefits to be applied in return for discounted fees.

Contract Information System

The Managed Care Department maintains a secured database on the UAMS Intranet, which allows Access Personnel to look up information about our current contracts. This tool helps determine the appropriate classification of patients and facilitates proper billing and collection.

Due to the STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY of managed care contracting, special permission must be granted to access the Contract Information System. If you are an employee of UAMS and your job responsibilities require you to have this information, you may request authorization.

Request Access to Contract Information System


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