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Our Mission:

We employ information technology that extends human knowledge and facilitates discovery in support of the UAMS mission: To Teach; To Heal; To Search; To Serve.

Our Vision

is that we will be a continual catalyst for change and innovation that enables and empowers UAMS in realizing its potential.

  • Strategic Vision:
    • Teamwork: Our partnership with you begins with mutual understanding, and culminates in the storage, retrieval, safeguarding, sharing, processing of, and ultimately acting upon knowledge.
    • Infrastructure: We believe infrastructure is a key component to unlocking our boundless potential. We believe that with the proper infrastructure, ALL of UAMS can achieve greatness.
    • New Technologies: New technologies can mean incredible new possibilities… we believe there is always room for change and improvement.
  • Tactical Vision:
    • Product Selection: We believe we are uniquely qualified to assist in the selection of products in order to assist in the reduction of costs, meet existing and future needs, and reduce duplication of resources.
    • Project and Grant Support: We believe that the best way to help build UAMS infrastructure is to assist individuals and departments with the technology aspects of Project & Grant planning and implementation… to stretch each budget, and to reduce duplication of resources.
    • Development: We believe in utilizing existing products whenever possible, as long as it is feasible and cost-effective. But when a new kind of wheel is needed, we have highly trained staff who are able to design, build, and implement it.
    • Data Storage and Management: We believe that all those bits and bytes of data represent knowledge. Our goal is to identify and provide the best format for the storage, retrieval and safeguarding of that knowledge.
  • Operational Vision:
    • Communication: What use is knowledge if we can’t share it? We provide communication through Email, Instant Messaging, Video, and (future) VOIP.
    • Application Support: Knowledge must also be processed and acted upon in a meaningful way. To that end, we recognize the vital importance of providing efficient, reliable, and secure access to applications.




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