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Transfer Procedure: PRN Pool
(RN's Only)

Lesley Dairion, RN
Clinical Services Manager - Float Pool / PRN Oversite

  1. Complete on-line Application for position # 50008881 @ jobs.uams.edu
  2. Request transfer acknowledgment to be sent by the Clinical Services/Clinic Manager to NurseRecruitment@uams.edu
  3. Obtain Employee Separation Form (ESF) from Clinical Services/Clinic Manager to clear campus:
    1. There are 9 areas listed to obtain clearance signatures, but you will only need to clear 8 areas.
    2. Nurse Recruitment requires you to complete the Nursing Exit Interview Form located on-line Here and bring the printed verification form to the Nurse Recruitment Office for signature.
    3. In the Campus Police/Parking Operations box write in "Transfer to PRN Pool" You are required to pay any parking fees but will keep your ID badge.
    4. DO NOT GO to the Library, Credit Union, Medical Records or HIPPA Compliance.
    5. Upon completion, submit completed form back to Clinical Services/Clinic Manager to process any terminal vacation for payment.
  4. Annual competencies are required to be current.  Check status by logging into Training Tracker.
  5. Contact the Nursing Recruitment Office BEFORE your last working day to ensure your PRN application was received and approved.  Failure to secure a transfer by the end of the pay period will result in processing of termination papers.