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Medical Specialties (F6)

F6 has an inpatient capacity of 30 beds. Patients receive comprehensive medical care which spans diagnosis and periodic re-admissions for treatment. Specialty nursing skills utilized on these units include provision of support to families and patients related to the psychosocial and emotional issues encountered with the diagnoses. A multidisciplinary approach to care is utilized and includes a social worker, pharmacist, clinical nurse specialist, and dietitian.

The Patient Education Department provides assistance to staff in the development of education materials and provides ongoing patient education classes for patients and their families. Care is provided to a broad spectrum of patients including pulmonary, gastrointestinal illness and infectious diseases. We strongly believe in patient and family centered care and plan our care with the patient as the primary focus.  The partnership between healthcare providers and the patient and families are designed to meet individual spiritual, emotional, social and medical needs.  


Medical Oncology (H7 and E7)

These units have 42 private rooms and provides state of the art therapies to a wide range of medical oncology patients.  Practicing in this environment allows the RN to develop skills in chemotherapy and biotherapy administration, management of a range of IV central access devices, management of a variety of symptoms associated with the disease and/or treatment, and development of skills in emotional support and palliative care.  A strong interdisciplinary team including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, and social workers support the patient in their various therapies.


Neurology/Neurosurgery (H8)

We provide comprehensive quality care on a 30 bed unit to adolescent, adult, and geriatric neurology and neurosurgical patients in a caring and therapeutic environment.  Neurosurgical services include, but are not limited to pre and post-op care for procedures, such as craniotomy, spinal decompression and brain stimulation and treatment of infections of the cranial and spinal areas.  Neurological services consist of care of stroke, seizure monitoring and other Neurological disorders. Two seizure monitor rooms provide 24-hour audio and video monitoring with portable equipment to accommodate more rooms for those patients requiring ongoing observation and supervision.  



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