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Applicants requesting an out-patient position will be contacted directly by area managers within 10 working days if applicant selected for interview. 

Applicants requesting an in-patient position are responsible to contact Nurse Recruitment within 3-5 working days of applying online to inquire if application was received. 

After you have completed your on-line application, all qualified applicants will receive an e-mail from 'Nursing Careers' (please also check junk mail) within two (2) business days r/t applicant status.

If you do not receive this e-mail notice, please contact our office to determine application status.

If you are applying for an
Inpatient Administrative/Educational
position, you will also be required to complete our Administrative Patient Care Services Form and submit page one and two to Nurse Recruitment before application will be considered (See Administrative Applications).

If you are applying for an Inpatient New Graduate position, you will need to look only at postings for Inpatient RN I to see if New Graduate is listed. If there is no requirement listed under required experience, you are eligible to apply.  In addition, you will also be required to complete an Educational Reference and submit to Nurse Recruitment before application will be considered (See Student Jobs).

To apply, visit our application page at HR Jobs

Applications are active for 90 days.  Postings are updated online on a daily basis.  Positions are subject to close after 5 working days without notice. 

RN Sign-On Bonuses  

Applicants will be asked by interviewing manager to complete the RN Sign-On Bonus at time of interview but date will not be added until applicant accepts the position.  

Sign-On Bonus will not apply until the date the applicant accepts the position.  If the position is listed as “Hard To Fill” on the acceptance date, applicant eligible to receive $2,000 to $4,000 Sign-On Bonus. 

$1000 RN Referral Bonus

Although applicant will list name, department and work number of employee referral under additional data section during application, RN Referral Bonus Form is required to be completed within 24 hours of application and submitted to the Nurse Recruitment Office.  RN Referral Bonus will not apply unless specific position is listed as “Hard To Fill” on date of application.

Bonuses apply to the following “Hard To Fill” Areas through October, 2014: 

  • E2 OR (OR experienced required)

RN Resource Nurse Recognition Program

Vision: The vision of the Professional Nursing Organization (PNO) Resource Nurse Recognition Program (RNRP) is to promote clinical excellence and continuous growth of our professional nurses who provide direct patient care.

Mission: UAMS Department of Nursing believes that improved patient outcomes is a result of highly skilled professional nurses who are self motivated to continue learning, empowered to improve nursing care quality and dedicated to furthering the nursing profession. In addition to the Clinical Ladder, which differentiates levels of Registered Nurse practice, the PNO Resource Nurse Recognition Program addresses continued excellence by those nurses who remain in clinical positions delivering direct patient care.

Purposes of the Resource Nurse Recognition Program are to:

  • Acknowledge professional nurses who exemplify excellence in nursing practice through their individual contributions and talents.

  • Reward professional nurses for their continual advancement and professional development as direct patient care providers (up to $1000 every six (6) months based on evaluation/criteria).

  • Enhance recruitment and retention of professional nurses at UAMS.

  • Formally recognize professional nurses for expertise in clinical practice.

  • Support individual professional nurses’ contributions and talents in promotion of excellent nursing care for patients for their particular area/unit.


  • All RN IIs and Clinical RN IIIs who have successfully completed their probation period are eligible to seek advancement through Resource Nurse Recognition Program. Candidates must maintain competent performance standards (score of 3 or above) and last performance appraisal score of 300.

  • Candidates at the written stage of the disciplinary process in the past 12 months for performance issues are ineligible to participate in the program.

  • All RN candidates must adhere to Code of Conduct and CARE Value policies at all times.

  • RN candidates must be 0.6 FTE (Full time equivalent) or greater.

  • Upon transfer to another unit/department, the participant’s eligibility to meet the Resource Nurse category’s criteria and to continue with participation in Recognition Program will be evaluated by Clinical Services Manager (CSM).

RNRP Practice Process:

  • The Professional Development Council is the governing council overseeing and maintaining the integrity of the Resource Nurse Recognition Program. Evaluation and revision of the program will be conducted annually by the Professional Development Council.

    The candidate decides which Resource Nurse Category he/she would like to pursue:

  • Infection Control Resource Nurse

  • Skin/Wound/Ostomy Resource Nurse

  • Patient Safety/Emergency Preparedness Resource Nurse

  • Diabetic Resource Nurse

  • Pain Resource Nurse

For more information on nursing opportunities at UAMS, visit the Nursing Web Page


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For more information contact:
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Department of Nursing

Nurse Recruitment
4301 West Markham, #526
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
Phone: (501) 686-5691
Fax: (501) 686-5698