Campus Operations Call Center

For over 40 years the Campus Operations Call Center (526-0000) has provided services for UAMS such as routing problem based calls, monitoring environmental, fire and mission critical control systems and issued work orders for the Campus Operations departments.

The Call Center is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Data & Decision Support

Data & Decision Support transforms critical Campus Operations data into useable information that is available to all layers of Campus Operations departments.

With our unique reporting capabilities, desktop applications & web programming, our solutions offer extensive benefits that affects how well Campus Operations improve customer service.

Telecommunication Services

Telecommunications is responsible for keeping UAMS connected.

We provide both cell phone service and conventional landlines. One of our key services is provide the back office hardware to keep your telephone equipment functioning.

Other services include providing cost effective voicemail, cellular, and pager services including getting the right information to where you are located with the installation of telecom/data jacks.