About Us

About Us

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse is a top priority for us at Sustainable UAMS. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences by providing the opportunity to recycle products at the many locations throughout the campus. Click on the Recycle Bin Locations web link to find a location near you.

Environmentally friendly procedures such as recycling materials reduces our consumption of natural resources, and reusing products and resources when possible aids us in providing a great sustainable future.

Collection is the hands-on-process of recycling. Assist us in recycling materials at UAMS thus reducing our waste impact on landfills.

You can make a difference! Every effort on your part counts when we are considering the big picture. Before you discard it, please check to see if it can be recycled.

Conserving natural resources by recycling gives us the opportunity to improve and enjoy our environment for generations to come.

Landfill reduction by recycling is a great way to reduce garbage disposal. Landfill trash remains undecomposed for a very long time while the need for new landfill space for collecting garbage is becoming more difficult to find and require landfill trucks to travel further to the landfills.

Economic profitability with a cost savings due to solid waste reduction and a revenue stream created from the selling of recyclables. (We would rather receive payment for our trash, rather than pay others to take it away).