UAMS Parking Location Maps & Information

Parking Lot Locations
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Addtional Parking Locations
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  • Deck evening and weekend parking permits are available for Parking 2 and Parking 3 decks. This gives access to the employee parking on Parking 2 after 1:30 p.m. and Parking 3 after 4:30 p.m. weekdays, Both decks are accessible 24 hours/day weekends and holidays.
  • Employees that are not on campus as a patient should park in designated employee parking areas only. This assures sufficient patient and guest parking spaces for our patients and families.
  • Employees and students: If you are in a UAMS guest area as a patient, please don't forget to call526-PARK (526-7275) or click here to register your vehicle. This step assures you or a family member driving a vehicle registered in an employee's name from receiving a parking citation.
  • Free parking is available anytime at the Ray Winder field. The War Memorial Stadium is available Monday-Friday excluding any previously scheduled events.
  • UAMS encourages our students and employees to be "good neighbors" to the surrounding neighborhood and local businesses. Students and employees should NOT park on side streets around campus. Please note that the ADH ONLY marked spaces to the north of the War Memorial Stadium lot are reserved for the Arkansas Department of Health employees.
  • Students and Employees should park only in designated areas served by the UAMS Shuttle, including the Ray Winder field and the War Memorial Stadium lots.