Parking Violation Fines

Parking Violation
Parking Fine
Failure to register vehicle
Failure to permanently attach permit
Moving Violation
Parking in handicapped space
All other violations

Removal of boot
Failure to pay fee for violation
$5 after 7 days
Parking Violation:  Failure to register vehicle
Parking Fine:  $25
Parking Violation:  Failure to permanently attach permit
Parking Fine:  $25
Parking Violation:  Moving Violation
Parking Fine:  $30
Parking Violation:  Parking in handicapped space
Parking Fine:  $100
Parking Violation:  All other violations
Parking Fine:  $25

Parking Violation:  Removal of boot
Parking Fine:  $60
Parking Violation:  Failure to pay fee for violation
Parking Fine:  $5 after 7 days