UAMS Parking Application Status

If you have submitted an application for parking on the UAMS campus, you can check the status of your parking application anytime using our web form.

Please enter your SAP, Student or Vendor ID # in the textbox below and click on the Search Your Application(s) button. The results will show for all areas you have applied including the current waiting list ranking for each parking location.

According to Parking Operations policies and procedures, employees that transfers from an off campus location to the main campus are eligible to bypass the general waiting list based on the original date of hire. Significant transfers across campus are eligible for a parking re-assignment if the move is considered significant. Please note that the hire date, distance and parking availability are determining factors in the approval process. Please contact Parking Operations for assistance with transfers.

Parking trades are reviewed individually and approved if determined the trade is fair and equitable to both parties as well as those currently on the waiting lists. Length of both waiting lists are determining factors in approving a Parking Trade. Please complete the Parking Trade Form and submit to for review. If approved both parties must visit the Parking Office together to finalize the trade. Please note both parties must remain employed at UAMS (main campus) for 60 days after trade is finalized or parking trade can be revoked.

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