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CODE PINK (Infant Abduction)

CODE PINK is for the abduction of an infant or child.

• Call 686-7333 (Hospital Operator)
º State your name, unit/location and CODE PINK
º Give a description of the infant or child
· Age: if known or state infant or child
· Gender: male or female
· Race: Black, White, Hispanic, Asian

• Page ADON at 688-6358 or Vocera (may delegate)

• Follow the unit/area specific plan which may include:
º Stop traffic in and out of your unit/area until an all clear is given
º Monitor exits, stairwells and hallways
º Report suspicious activity to UAMS police
º Check empty rooms, waiting areas, bathrooms, linen carts, trash cans, luggage,
items which could carry infant/child

For further guidance refer to Section 12, CODE PINK, Infant Abduction Policy of the
UAMS Emergency Incident Command System in the online Safety Manual, "Emergency Codes".

Additional Information:
Emergency Incident Command System - Section 12 Infant Abduction (Code Pink)
Infant Safety - Policy A.4.05

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