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CODE GRAY (Severe Weather)

When a CODE GRAY STANDBY is called:

1. Employees should be aware that a tornado warning exists for Little Rock and tornado sirens
may be activated.

2. Employees should make patients, families and visitors aware of the severe weather procedures
and safe locations that may be necessary to use in the event of a CODE GRAY.

3. Begin closing all windows, doors, blinds, and drapes in patient care and visitor areas.

4. Stand by to assist patients and visitors to safe areas.

When a CODE GRAY is called:

1. Employees shall report to their departments.

2. Close windows, doors and drapes in patient care and visitor areas.

3. Direct visitors and patients away from windows to protected internal hallways.

4. Patients who cannot be moved to safe areas should be:
a. Moved as far away from the windows as possible.
b. Covered with blankets and pillows.

5. When the "CODE GRAY ALL CLEAR" is called, assist patients and visitors to return to normal.

UAMS Emergency Quick Reference Guide

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Occupational Health and Safety
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