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CODE BLUE (Medical Emergency)

Any UAMS employee finding an unconscious, partially conscious or possibly seriously injured person should initiate emergency response assistance by calling a CODE BLUE.

The UAMS Code Blue Team will respond to all emergencies and/or codes in the following buildings:
Hospital E, F, and H Towers
Central Building
Shorey Building
MRI Building
Bridge to VA Hospital (up to VA doors)
Bridge to Outpatient Center

To initiate a Code Blue call 686-7333, and give the operator the following information:
Room Number

If available, activate the code team by utilizing the desktop icon on your computer. Both telephone and Internet notification should be utilized in an arrest situation. If a computer station is not available the 686-7333 will activate the code team.
Both the community "911" paramedics and the UAMS Code Blue Team will respond to emergencies and/or codes in the following buildings:
Outpatient Center
Rockefeller Cancer Center
Jones Eye Institute
Radiation Oncology Center (ROC)

Activate the Code Blue Team using both the telephone and Internet notification procedures, as stated above. Then, dial "911" and report the incident. Hospital operator will notify UAMS Police to provide way finding for MEMS upon arrival.
For emergencies that occur in the outdoors and in all other buildings not listed above, call the community "911" number to obtain emergency assistance and notify UAMS Police at 686-7777.

UAMS Emergency Quick Reference Guide

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