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CODE BLACK (Campus Violence)

Call UAMS Police at 686-7777 and 911

CODE BLACK is activated when there is credible knowledge of a specific threat of an active shooter to the campus community. This can be either in the form of direct witness of an individual with a weapon, with the intent to use it, or information gathered that indicates there is a credible and targeted threat by an individual(s) directed at the campus.

Upon activation of CODE BLACK, all campus students, employees and staff must assist patients, families, and visitors in seeking shelter and defending in place, until advised to release from shelter by law enforcement agencies.

• Take note of the nearest exits for your area, know your accessible escape paths.
• Know which rooms in your area are lockable.

• If inside a building, find a secure room/area, lock and or barricade doors.
• If outside, evacuate the area.

• If evacuation is not possible, find a place to hide where the threat is less likely to find you (office,
conference room, etc.)
• Lock the door and silence cell phones.
• Hide behind large items (cabinets and desks)
• Notify the police when possible.

• As a last resort and only if you or others are in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and/or
incapacitate the threat by, acting as aggressively as possible to the threat. (Throw chairs, make
improvised weapons.)
• The purpose of Law Enforcement response is to stop the threat as soon as possible. Officers will
proceed directly to the area in which the last shots were heard.

• Remain calm and follow the officer’s instruction.
• Put down any items in your hands (bags, phones, etc.)
• Immediately raise your hands and spread your fingers.
• Keep your hands visible at all times.
• Avoid making any quick movements towards officers (attempting to hold onto them for safety).
• Avoid pointing, shouting, and yelling.
• Do not stop to ask officers for help or directions when evacuating (proceed in the direction that the
officers came from).

• Location of the threat.
• Number of shooters, if more than one (if known).
• Physical description of the suspects.
• Account for all individuals to determine who, if anyone is missing or injured.

If you are outside when Code Black is called, DO NOT RETURN TO CAMPUS.

For more information, refer to the Emergency Incident Command System manual.

UAMS Emergency Quick Reference Guide

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Occupational Health and Safety
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