Campus Environmental Services
UAMS Campus Environmental Services provides quality hygienic cleanliness to ensure a clean environment and to minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.
We provide services in the following areas: Non-patient areas (classrooms, offices, break rooms, conferences rooms, and etc.) laboratory, out-patient clinics, and colleges.

Planning, Design and Construction
Planning, Design and Construction provides planning, design services and construction support for UAMS capital projects, project construction oversight, and actual construction. Large construction and major renovation projects are normally designed under contract by outside architectural firms. Interior design support is provided using in-house resources for most projects.
Other departmental responsibilities include:

  • Initial work flow design
  • Space management and planning
  • General project planning services
  • Providing cost estimates for projects
  • Developing total project budgets, and
  • Space leasing functions.

Once a project is complete, we obtain and maintain facility record drawings into our archives.

Operational Support Services
Operational Support Services provides custodial services for 2.5 million square feet, approximately 28 buildings which consist primarily of non-clinical areas. Services include trash removal, carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning, pest control services and table/conference room setups.
Additionally, Operational Support Services includes landscaping and ground units around the campus, biohazardous transportation on and off campus, sustainability services which works all aspects of recycling and other sustainable practices and UAMS property moves which completes all the requested asset moves and furniture/equipment reallocation.

UAMS Police Department
The UAMS Police Department is officially recognized as the Law Enforcement Agency of jurisdiction for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the most comprehensive services for patients, visitors and staff.
In terms of staffing the Department is one of the largest Higher Education law enforcement agencies in Arkansas.

Central Administration
Central Administration provides operational and support services to optimally achieve UAMS and Campus Operations missions. Operational services are provided in regards to:

  • Leasing of off-site UAMS properties
  • Management of UAMS owned vehicles
  • Provides Call Center that receives work order request for the CO Division
  • Offers monitoring and emergency notifications services for various systems, and
  • Provides general and specialized support services unique to the operational needs of the division.

Engineering and Operations
The mission of the Engineering and Operations is to maintain, repair, and create safe, healthy, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
This is accomplished by multiple trades and professions utilizing the newest and most reliable technologies, quality craftsmanship, courteous and professional service, and cost effective approach.

Occupational Health and Safety
OH&S provides regulatory oversight for employee safety, environmental compliance, and safety training programs.
Safety training topics include fire, proper lifting/back safety, blood-borne pathogens, chemical hygiene, laboratory safety, radiation safety, respiratory safety, waste handling and disposal, and workstation ergonomics.
We also manage and report on air emissions, hazardous waste, and indoor air quality evaluations, investigate workplace incidents and work related injuries and illnesses.

Parking Operations
UAMS Parking Operations is dedicated to providing and managing parking availability, assuring clean and well maintained facilities, providing safe and welcoming parking facilities and the development and promotion of alternative transportation.

UAMS Sustainability Services
Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse is a top priority here at UAMS Sustainability Services. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences by providing the opportunity to recycle products at the many locations throughout the campus.