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 Congratulations to our Student Contest Winners!

 2011-2012 Winner: College of Medicine

2010-2011 Winner: College of Nursing

2009-2010 Winner: College of Nursing

2008-2009 Winner: College of Medicine

2007-2008 Winner: College of Medicine

The UAMS American Red Cross partnership board sponsors a contest between all of the  colleges to determine which one can provide the most student donors at the monthly campus blood drives. Participation will be calculated as a percent of student enrollment in each college.

Each month the winning college will be the keeper of a traveling trophy, donated by the Red Cross, to be proudly displayed at the deans office until the next months drive. After the April drive the overall winner will be determined by the college who has the highest percentage of participation. The winning college will have their name engraved on a permanent plaque that will reside in the ED II concourse area. Students from the overall winning college will receive special recognition.

What to do if you are a student who is not eligible to donate blood: In order to be able to process all donors in a timely fashion, students who know they are not eligible to donate for multiple months are allowed and encouraged to ask a non-student to donate in his or her place. This could be a faculty or staff member, a family member, or a friend. In addition to signing his or her own name to the log, the surrogate donor needs to write the name of the student and the college of the student he or she is donating for. Students cannot both donate in a given month and have a surrogate donor in that same months drive.

Distance students may participate, but must present to donate at a donor collection site on the days of our scheduled blood drive for fairness.  This form must be completed and returned to Hazel Jacob within one week for donation to be counted.


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