Share your story with others, why do you donate blood?


The UAMS American Red Cross partnership board is searching for donors who are willing to share the reasons they donate blood with others as encouragement to become blood donors. If you would like to participate submit the form below.  Your story may be used on the blood drive web site and/or the UAMS Update newsletter.

1. What led to your decision to become a blood donor? Did a specific person inspire you?


2. What words of advice do you have to encourage others to become blood donors?

3. Any suggestions on ways we can improve the blood drives at UAMS?

If you are willing to have your comments posted on our web site please indicate so below by checking the "yes' box and include your name, title and department, or name and college if you are a student.

You are also welcome to omit identifying information and submit your comments anonymously as feedback about the UAMS blood drives.

 Yes, you can use my name and my comments on the blood drive web site or UAMS Update newsletter.



Thank you for sharing your blood donor story!