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Arkansas Building Effective Services for Trauma

As part of a statewide initiative to improve care for traumatized youth, AR BEST is integrating the latest research with state-of-the-art training for mental health professionals. A multidisciplinary collaboration between the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute and the Department of Pediatrics, AR BEST will promote excellence in care for children and adolescents experiencing physical or sexual abuse.

Training Model

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective mental health treatment for youth who have experienced trauma, including sexual and physical abuse.  Because it has demonstrated success in reducing symptoms in children and adolescents and improves coping mechanisms of parents, a statewide dissemination of this intervention has been initiated by the AR BEST program.

Training for mental health clinicians in TF-CBT will occur in stages:

Stage 1: Free on-line training in TF-CBT for mental health clinicians through the Medical University of South Carolina ( Modules can be accessed any time; ten continuing education credits are awarded at completion.

Stage 2: Free conference with TF-CBT Co-Developer Anthony (Tony) P. Mannarino, Ph.D., at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), (April 17-18, 2013).  Completion of the TF-CBT on-line training is required for registration.

Stage 3: Ongoing teleconferences with Dr. Mannarino and other TF-CBT experts twice monthly for six months. 

Stage 4: On-line assessments and treatment checklists are completed.  A report is generated regarding the child's mental health status at baseline; the treatment checklist will be used during the teleconference sessions to monitor clinician progress in TF-CBT implementation. 

Stage 5: The clinician receives a Certificate of Completion after six months and is identified as someone who has received training in the TF-CBT evidence-based model.   

To register with the AR BEST program, click on "Clinician Registration" now.

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