NUMBER: 3.1.16
DATE: 04/01/03



Three principles are the foundation of this policy:

The Chancellor has delegated oversight of the UAMS Internet and Intranet sites to the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM). Concerns about the content, design, and organization of particular sub-pages on the UAMS websites, or about adherence to these standards, should be referred to the author(s) of the material first, and then to the Office of Communications and Marketing
( ). That office shall resolve issues involving web site content.


  1. Information provided to public visitors to the UAMS web site must meet the same standards of accuracy, professionalism, and ethics as any other information published or provide by UAMS.
  2. Medical information on the UAMS web site should adhere to all applicable professional standards.
  3. The name and logo of UAMS must appear on the home page of any center, department, or program. Where more than one institution's or agency's logos are used, the UAMS logo must be prominent. All uses of the UAMS logo must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing. 
  4. The Office of Communications and Marketing will disseminate graphic standards and templates for pages on the UAMS websites. All departments, centers, programs, and other units of UAMS must adopt the new graphic standards and templates as they become available or make arrangements with OCM for any exceptions.
  5. A link to the UAMS home page must be easily accessible on the main page of any department, center, program, or other unit. Any page providing web site navigation should also include a link to the UAMS home page.
  6. Sub-pages of the UAMS site must include clear, written directions to locations on campus as well as links to campus maps.
  7. UAMS web-based information services must, to the extent possible, be equally effective for persons with and without disabilities. Any administrative unit of UAMS that assumes or accepts responsibility for producing Internet pages, regardless of the Internet address, is responsible for complying with this policy.

    Every page containing essential information must be in a text-only format or have a companion text-only, single-column version. (Refer to the UAMS Online Toolbox for instructions on preparing text-only pages. See

    Essential information includes information for students, faculty, staff, patients, prospective student applicants, and prospective job applicants. It also includes data displayed graphically; information conveyed in photographs, illustrations, and diagrams; and the content of audio and video files.

    If producers choose to maintain graphical and text-only pages, they must update content of text-only companion pages at the same time they update content of primary pages.

    Producers who publish material on Intranet or password-protected sites for non-protected audiences, such as medical students, are not obligated to provide text-only versions.
  8. Sub-pages of the UAMS web site may not contain copyrighted material without written permission from the holder of the copyright. An exception is made for temporary sites for on-line courses, to which the fair use standard applies. Faculty members must affix the following notice to any excerpts of copyrighted materials posted on the page(s) of an on-line course the first time they use the materials: “This material may be copyrighted. Further distribution is prohibited.”

    Before copyrighted materials are used a second or subsequent time in the same on-line course, the faculty member must obtain written permission from the copyright holder. This rule applies to copyrighted text and graphic images, whether originally published in paper or on-line editions.
  9. UAMS departments and other units may provide links to non-UAMS pages that clearly relate to the mission of the institution, such as sites of scientific organizations. It is the responsibility of the department or unit to regularly check such links and delete them if they are no longer viable.
  10. UAMS departments and other units must have authorization to host guest agencies and organizations by providing links and space for pages on the department or unit's areas of the UAMS site. A request for authorization to host such guest pages should be made by a department chair, dean, or other relevant administrator to the Office of Communications and Marketing ( http://www, ). All guest pages, hosted on the UAMS site as a courtesy, must carry this standard acknowledgment of UAMS as host and disclaimer that the pages do not represent UAMS: “As a service to professional colleagues, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) provides resources to host this web site. UAMS does not, however, in any way monitor or approve the information or other content provided through this web site. This web site is entirely the responsibility of (organization name).” All guest pages must have a functional "back button" to the UAMS host page.

  11. Employees may not use a page on the UAMS web site to promote personal activities unrelated to UAMS.

  12. Any service such as scheduling, consultation, etc., provided through web pages should also be available by telephone. Telephone numbers for such services must be available on the web pages. Responses to requests for information or services received via web pages, or as a result of e-mail messages generated through web pages, should meet the same goals for timeliness as requests received by other means. A contact generated via a web page should be dealt with just as any other contact.
  13. Continual Upkeep: All UAMS offices that produce web sites must agree to keep their sites current and functional. This includes repairing outdated links, updating content, responding to users, troubleshooting technical problems, overseeing discussion areas and any other related tasks. Content should be evergreen, or current and accurate for a reasonably long time, so that it requires little site maintenance. If a producer is unable to provide continual upkeep of a site, time-sensitive content should appear on the news pages of UAMS and the UAMS calendars. All UAMS sites must appear to be complete prior to launch. Once UAMS sites are launched, they should never include "Under Construction" pages. The Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to temporarily or permanently retire sites or pages that are out of compliance with accepted UAMS web standards and design templates, not properly maintained and/or become outdated. Before making the final decision to retire a site, the Office of Communications and Marketing will alert the producer to allow adequate time to respond. 

  14. Departmental Contact Information: The main page of each section of the UAMS web site, or a site credits page linked from the main page, should contain complete contact information for the relevant department or office. Contact information ideally includes an e-mail link to a departmental mailbox, i.e.,


    For more information, contact:
    Department of Dermatology Business Office
    College of Medicine
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
    4301 W. Markham St., # 576
    Little Rock , AR 72205
    501-xxx-xxxx (fax)

    Dermatology or <>

Each department or office with a section of the web site should designate an employee to check the departmental mailbox daily and respond to all inquiries concerning the web site pages as quickly as possible. 

  1. •  Webmaster Contact Information: Each page of the UAMS web site should have an e-mail link, or link to a “Contact Us” page which holds a form that may be filled out. Email links such as a " Questions about this page?" link should be directed to a departmental mailbox or contact form. Each department or office that has a section of the web site should designate an employee to check the departmental mailbox daily and respond to all inquiries concerning the web site pages as quickly as possible. If an internal or external provider of internet technology services maintains the pages(s), the "Questions" e-mail link should be to that provider and the provider should respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.
  2. Metatags: To make the UAMS web site accessible to prospective visitors, each page of the UAMS web site should contain an appropriate description tag and appropriate metatags and/or other elements that support search engines.
  3. Internet Site Addresses: All sections of the UAMS Internet site should conform to the “” address style. Acronyms or names of units, programs, etc., should follow “” in a logical fashion, i.e., <> ( College of Medicine ), <> ( College of Pharmacy ), <> ( College of Nursing ), etc. New pages may not have addresses with prefixes before “,” such as <> or <> . This policy also applies to sites representing UAMS programs or projects that are created or maintained by outside vendors. All UAMS departments and programs must consult the Office of Communications and Marketing before creating new Internet pages. All UAMS departments and programs must consult the Office of Communications and Marketing before creating new print materials that include the departments' or programs' Internet addresses, to ensure that the proper addresses are used. The Office of Communications and Marketing will provide new addresses for existing areas of the UAMS site, and other sites hosted by UAMS, according to priorities of the Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing. The Office of Communications and Marketing will implement the conversion of existing pages on the UAMS site to the new address style according to a timetable to be set by the Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing. 
  4. FOR INTERNET OR INTRANET EDITING PERMISSIONS: Department managers or directors must contact the Office of Communications and Marketing by completing a form found at the following web address: This form will be used to identify their personnel needing permissions to update the UAMS Internet ( <> ) or UAMS Intranet
    ( ).