NUMBER: 8.4.03
DATE: 04/05/96



The purpose of this policy is to notify departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the procedure for requesting advance payment for anticipated expenses to be incurred while traveling on official state business.


Due to the availability of the Arkansas Agency Travel Card (also known as the VISA Corporate Card), travel advance payments are generally no longer necessary.  However, Travel Advance Requests may be warranted for employees who have not applied for or received an Arkansas Agency Travel Card; for employees lodging where the Arkansas Agency Travel Card is not accepted; or for the employees traveling to a foreign country


(1)      Employees requesting advance payment for expenses to be incurred while traveling on official state business must complete and submit a Request for Travel Advance form to the Travel Office for approval and processing.  This form is to be submitted with the employee’s Request for Travel Authorization.

(2)       Request for Travel Advance forms must be submitted to the Travel Office no later than five working days prior to scheduled departure.

(3)       Upon approval of Request for Travel Advance, checks will available for pickup in the Treasurer's Office no earlier than two days prior to the scheduled departure.

(4)       Advance payment for anticipated expenses shall be considered a loan to the individual, as is clearly stated on the Request for Travel Advance form.  In signing for the funds on the bottom of the Request for Travel Advance form, the individual agrees to pay back the advance on a timely basis.

(5)     Employees failing to reimburse UAMS for travel advance payments within 5 days after returning to work may be subject to a withholding from their paycheck.

(6)      Obtaining a Travel Advance does not relieve the traveler from filing a Travel Expense Reimbursement Request in SAP upon completion of travel.

(7)     Travel Advances are computed at the rate of 50% of the total anticipated travel expenses that have not been prepaid by UAMS in the following categories:
a)     Meals
    Anticipated taxi fares


1  UAMS Procedure
8.4.02, Credit Cards
UAMS Procedure 8.4.05,Travel Expense Reimbursement



Applicant______________            Date  _________________________

Department  ___________________________________    Fund & Fund Center _________________________

Telephone __________________ Travel Dates: From __________________ To _________________________

I am requesting approval to travel to  ____________________________________________________________

and return.  If approval is granted, I request a travel advance equal to 50% of the eligible expenses.


                _____ My trip will require me to be in travel status for 72 consecutive hours or more: or

                _____ My request is based on hardship as cited below:



             Applicant___________________________________________  Date____________________________

                                       (Requesting Employee’s Signature)


             Approval Recommended  ____________________________  Date  ______________________________

                                                              (Travel Administrator)

             Approved_________________________________________  Date______________________________


        _________ Days at $________________ = $___________________  Trip#  ____________________

        Check# ___________________ Date _______________________  Issued by ____________________


      I, ______________________________________, an employee of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, acknowledge that I have applied for and received from the UAMS Treasurer a travel advance as shown above to be used for the payment of expenses in connection with official travel to be performed by me.   This advance represents a loan by UAMS to me to be used only for this purpose.

      I agree that this amount is to be repaid to the Treasurer from the travel reimbursement amount which would otherwise be paid me, pursuant to the above authorization upon my return from this trip, and the execution of this form is intended to be an assignment by me of that reimbursable amount to the extent of the travel advance set out above.

      I also agree that my reimbursement claim showing expenses incurred will be filed with the Travel Office within five (5) working days after completion of this travel.

      In consideration of the receipt by me of these funds in advance of the expenditure thereof, I agree that (1) in the event that I fail to file a reimbursement claim and show the expenditures thereon which I actually incurred and/or (2) in the event I do not expend all of said advance for official travel on behalf of UAMS, then in either of these events UAMS may reimburse itself by withholding an equivalent amount from my subsequent payroll checks, or from other amounts which may be payable to me by the University.

 Employee Signature                         Date

  Payment Record (Treasurer’s Use)

      $  _______________  Vol # ___________      Receipt#                                  Dated _______________

      $ _________________    Balance Due                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



The Request for Travel Advance must be completed and forwarded to the Travel Office for approval and processing.  Submit this form with the Request for Travel Authorization. If the Travel Advance is approved the applicant must sign the lower portion of the form in the Treasurer's Office.


(1)        Applicant:  Enter the name of the person requesting the travel advance.

 (2)       Date:  Enter the date that this request is made.

(3)        Department:  Enter the name of the department initiating the request.

(4)         Fund & Fund Center:  Enter the Fund and Fund Center to be charged for the expenses.

(5)         Telephone:  Enter the telephone number of the person initiating the request.

(6)        Travel Dates:  From/To:  Enter the date on which the travel period is to begin and the date on which the travel is to end.

(7)        Travel to:  Identify the city to which the employee will be traveling.

(8)        72 Hours/Hardship:  Check the appropriate space determining sufficient reason for making a Travel Advance Request.  If the reason is due to hardship, include a brief statement of explanation.  If the traveler holds an Arkansas Agency Travel Card, state the reason(s) why a Travel Advance is necessary.

(9)        Applicant/Date:  Enter the signature of the requesting employee and the date signed.

(10)     Approval Recommended:  Obtain the signature of your Department’s Travel Administrator before forwarding to the Travel Office.