NUMBER: 5.4.08



The purpose of this policy is to make surplus property available to UAMS departments for operational purposes and inform departments within the UAMS of the procedures to be followed.


All property (as defined by UAMS Policy 5.4.01¹) that is turned in to Property Services will be made available to all UAMS departments for further utilization in support of UAMS operations.  The Property Services Surplus division will coordinate the reutilization program.


1. All UAMS property turned in to Surplus (as defined by UAMS Policy 5.4.03²) will be designated surplus property. Surplus Property will be stored in Surplus Property in the UAMS Distribution Center.

2. Surplus property stored shall be available to all UAMS departments. Surplus property shall be available for viewing by UAMS departmental personnel. Hours for viewing surplus will be posted on the UAMS Property Services website (

3. Departments can notify the Surplus Property Manager of items needed. Departmental needs will be posted to a listing of needed items maintained by the Surplus Property Manager. As items listed become available as surplus property, the Surplus Property Manager will contact departments and arrange the transfer of the surplus property.

4. Some stored surplus items will be posted to a website on the UAMS Property website. Items selected for posting to the webpage will be determined by the Surplus Property Manager and be based on anticipated further utilization and storage capacity.

5. Surplus property not selected for further utilization shall be processed to Arkansas Marketing & Redistribution (M&R). Processing UAMS surplus to M&R includes creation of a manifest known as the Certificate of Property Disposal through the AASIS website, and delivery of the surplus to M&R. The Certificate of Property Disposal through the AASIS website, and delivery of the surplus to M&R.

6. Computers designated as surplus property shall not be made available for further utilization unless authorized by UAMS Information Technology department.

7. Property Services will post & maintain a webpage for the posting of assets & materials available by department for interdepartmental exchange. The interdepartmental trading is to be for the purpose of completion of a Report of Transfer of property Form. Departments are responsible for informing Property Services of updates to the status of items posted to the webpage.


¹UAMS Policy 5.4.01

²UAMS Policy 5.4.03