NUMBER:  5.2.02
DATE:  04/05/96


The purpose of this policy is to inform departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the procedures to be followed in processing an outgoing shipment. UAMS must account for all materials or equipment leaving the university. This includes equipment or materials that are being returned to vendors for credit, exchange, repair, trade-in or rejection as unsuitable due to improper delivery as specified by the Purchase Order. All UAMS material/equipment to be shipped out to a vendor must be accompanied by a complete Outgoing Shipment Form.


1. Departments requesting the return of any material/equipment to vendors for the reasons outlined in this policy must go to the Support Services/Distribution website and complete an Outgoing Shipment Form located at A copy should be printed for departmental records and a copy must be attached to the item(s) to be shipped. A copy must be e-mailed to:,, Note: To access the Outgoing Shipment form, Adobe Acrobat Pro must be installed on your computer.

2. Most vendors require prior approval of all returned merchandise. The requesting department will be responsible for obtaining such approval before any equipment or material will be shipped to a vendor. To return items purchased from Staples, Inc., the department must include a copy of their receiving ticket along with the items to be returned.

3. Departments must notify the Procurement Services Department prior to returning any expendable and non-capitalized commodities to the vendor for credit, or for rejection as unsuitable due to improper delivery as specified by the Purchase Order.

4. Departments must notify the Department of Property Services prior to shipping any capitalized and/or tagged equipment to the vendor for any reason. The Property Services Department must coordinate such shipments to ensure proper accounting of any potential changes to UAMS inventory listings.

5. Materials or equipment for shipment must be labeled and packaged appropriately then submitted to the Distribution Services Department along with a copy of the Outgoing Shipment Form. The requesting department should notify their nearest Distribution Satellite of the Outgoing Shipment prior to delivery to the dock in order to insure space is available to process the items.

6. Equipment to be crated must be sent to UAMS Physical Plant with a work order and must be crated prior to delivery to the campus dock. The crated material must be delivered to the campus dock along with copies of the Outgoing Shipment Forms.

7. Distribution Services will make arrangements to ship the item along with one copy of the Outgoing Shipment Form to be used as a reference for future contact with the vendor concerning the shipment.

8. Upon shipment of the materials/equipment, Distribution Services will notify Property Services Department so the item will be deleted from the department’s property listing if it is a return for credit, exchange or trade-in.



In order to insure an accurate accounting of commodities and equipment an Outgoing Shipment Form should be completed carefully and accurately. The "shipper" will always be The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.


1. Date: Enter today’s date.

2. Vendor Return authorization: Most vendor’s will request that you call ahead to let them know you will be returning an item. Place the authorization number in the vendor return authorization blank. If the vendor does not give you an authorization number please list the person you talked to and their number.

3. Outgoing Shipment Form Number: Departments should leave this space blank. A form number will be assigned to each Outgoing Shipment Form by Distribution Services if sent to Distribution Services for shipment.

4. To (Name/Company, Address, City & State, and Zip Code): Enter the information of the vendor to whom the merchandise is being shipped.

5. From:

5.1 Department name: Place the name of the Department or the sub-department. For example if you work under the Department of Pathology in Breast Cancer Research you would place Breast Cancer Research as your department.

5.2 Slot number: Place the mail slot number where you receive mail.

5.3 Contact person/phone and extension: Place the name of the person who will handle questions and answers about the item that will be shipped and include their phone number/ extension.

5.4 Bill to (Fund & Center): Enter the fund and center that was billed on the original purchase order if the merchandise is being returned.