NUMBER: 5.2.01
DATE: 08/18/95



The purpose of this policy is to inform departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the procedures to be followed regarding the receipt of supplies, commodities and equipment for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).  Distribution Services is responsible for items flowing through the distribution center.  Distribution Services will receive items online in SAP and will create a record for receipts for items with the proper paperwork on the outside of packages. 


  1. Records of pending shipments ordered by Procurement Services are electronically accessible to Distribution Services when they are entered into SAP.  Upon receipt of the items, Distribution Services personnel will inspect the shipment for any damage then enter the receipt into SAP according to the information on the accompanying packing slip. Once the receipt is entered online, a system generated receiving report will be forwarded with the shipment to the requesting department for their records along with the packing slip.  The packing slip must be returned to Distribution Services for filing after it has been signed
  2. The requesting department should verify the completeness of the order before signing the packing slip. If the order is complete, the requesting department must sign the packing slip as indicated, and return it to the delivery person. The department should retain a copy of the receiving report for their records.
  3. If the requesting department determines that the order is incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise unacceptable they should note any discrepancies on the packing slip.  The department should retain a copy of the packing slip for reference when contacting the vendor. The department must then notify supervisory personnel in Distribution Services to discuss the error so receipt adjustments can be made in SAP. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to contact the vendor direct to correct any purchasing discrepancies.
  4. Shipments received by Distribution Services that does not contain sufficient information on the outside of the box or package to allow delivery to the requesting department may be opened by Distribution Services personnel in an effort to ascertain if there is more detailed information inside. If additional information cannot be found, the shipment will be returned to the vendor after being held in Distribution Services for a period of three days. Perishable shipments will be returned to the vendor within 24 hours. Distribution Services will not be responsible for perishable items, which could not be delivered due to incorrect or inadequate information, as proper storage is not available
  1. Departments expecting "special handling" shipments or shipments that must be delivered to the requesting department immediately, should notify Distribution Services as soon as possible and relate all pertinent information such as the name of the shipper, name of the vendor, department contact person, room number, if the package requires refrigeration, etc. This information may be relayed to Distribution Services by phone: 686-5759, by fax: 686-5438.
  2. Shipments containing bio-hazardous materials or radioactive materials will be routed through the UAMS Environmental Health and Safety Department that will be responsible for delivery to the requesting department. Departments must contact the UAMS Environmental Health and Safety Department before attempting to return bio-hazardous materials or radioactive materials to a vendor.
  3. Vertical distribution limitations within UAMS may preclude delivery of some shipments. Departments desiring to purchase equipment exceeding 95" in length and/or 1,500 lb. that cannot be disassembled, should contact Distribution Services before generating the purchase request, to ascertain if the equipment can be delivered. Equipment exceeding the above dimensions may require the hiring of a moving vendor at department expense.
  4. Online receipts for items, which are shipped direct to requesting department by the vendor, are the responsibility of the recipient. The requesting department is also responsible for maintaining the packing slip for future audit inquiries.