NUMBER: 4.7.02
DATE: 10/01/00



The purpose of this policy is to inform all departments within the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of the uniform guidelines under which attendance at certain educational courses may be scheduled. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) recognizes the value of education and supports employees completing and/or enhancing their education.


(1) The Office of Human Resources, in coordination with the Training Consortium and the UAMS Divesity Initiative, offers training for supervisors and staff in a variety of areas. Many classes are free, and some require payment of a small fee. Training schedules may be viewed on the UAMS OHR Web site at Training schedules are mailed to all mail slots.

(2) The Inter-agency Training Program (IATP) offers a variety of classes that are offered through the Office of Personnel Management. The UAMS Office of Human Resources coordinates enrollment for all UAMS employees wishing to take classes through IATP. Class schedules are mailed to all slots quarterly. Class schedules may also be viewed on the UAMS web site at

(3) Employees involved with educational commitments such as Vo-Tech, Associate, Bachelor or Master's programs are not allowed paid time off during their regular working hours. However, employees can make arrangements with their departments so that if there is no interference with their normal work activities, and if their time spent in class attendance can be made up, they can attend classes offered during normal work schedules. Costs for enrollment, books, and materials are the responsibility of the employee.

(4) Other educational activities related to employment may be approved for full or partial reimbursement from funds available in the employee's department, depending on the individual department. The employee must obtain the approval of the Department Director and the Chancellor's Office prior to enrollment, if reimbursement is expected. The course must have been successfully completed before reimbursement can be finalized.

(5) The Office of Human Resources should be notified, in writing, of any special training an employee receives so that the personnel records can be updated.

(6) Questions regarding UAMS employee education programs should be directed to the Office of Human Resources at 686-5650.