NUMBER: 4.5.09
DATE: 08/08/95




The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) is required under State law to post all vacant positions.  All positions shall be advertised for a minimum of seven calendar days before being filled In order to assure this, UAMS employee recruitment and hiring will be coordinated through the Office of Human Resources (OHR).  Recruitment and hiring requests will be made to OHR Recruitment by completing and submitting a Personnel Requisition Form


Recruitment and Hiring for Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) must be coordinated through the Nurse Recruitment Office by submitting a Licensed Job Posting form.




  1. Department Directors or their designated representatives must complete a Personnel Requisition Form in the following situations:

    a. Request to fill a new position
    b. Request to fill a vacant existing position
    c. Request to fill a position that will become vacant in the near future
    d. Internal posting

A position description must be submitted with the personnel requisition form.  The position description will be used as the advertisement and to verify the minimum requirements for the position.

2. When recruiting for RN and LPN positions, the department must complete a Licensed Job Posting form and submit directly to the Nurse Recruitment Office.  These position will be posting on the online website along with the other postings.


     3. For all new positions, A Position Authorization Request (PAR) must be completed and approved prior to any recruitment.

     4. All position postings must be coordinated through OHR, except Faculty, RN/LPN and Non-Classified Senior Administrative positions.  Departments may consult with OHR Recruitment regarding advertising needs, search committee policy, and university recruiting materials.

     5. Upon approval by the Department Director or designated representative, the completed Personnel Requisition Form must be forwarded to OHR Recruitment for action.

     6. Upon determination by OHR that the requested position is authorized under UAMS personnel policies, OPM requirements, and legislative guidelines, OHR Recruitment will add the position to the online vacancy listing.  All positions must be posted on the website for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days except for Faculty positions.  When OHR Recruitment receives notification that the position has been filled or that the hiring department is no longer actively recruiting for the position, it will be removed from the online job vacancy on the website.

    7. All applicants applying for positions must apply to OHR by using the online recruitment process.

    8. To advertise positions in newspapers, professional journals, or trade publications, a Job Ad Request Form must be completed and submitted to OHR.  OHR pays for all ads with charge-back to the departments placing the ads.  Invoices for all other publications and the Internet are forwarded to the departments that placed the ads for direct payment.

    9. Department and Divisions can obtain a list of qualified applicants by using the appropriate SAP transaction. Hiring departments are not required to interview all applicants.
    10. After a hiring decision has been made, departments should follow UAMS Hiring Policy.





2 UAMS Policy 4.5.07   Position Authorization Request (PAR)

3 UAMS Policy 4.5.06   Job Ad Request

4 UAMS Policy 4.5.01   Hiring policy