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 NUMBER:      4.4.01                                                                                                           DATE: 09/08/2006

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This code communicates general guidelines to all UAMS employees for governing employee conduct. It is the responsibility of the department directors and supervisors to fully explain the following guidelines to employees, to discuss their specific application within their departments, and to assure that they are observed. Appropriate disciplinary measures should be taken in cases where there have been violations of this Code of Conduct.  Supervisors with questions about appropriate disciplinary steps should contact the Office of Human Resources or the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Relations.


Interpersonal Relations:

  1. Employees must refrain from using abusive, provocative or profane language, and should avoid creating or being party to a disturbance or physical violence.
  2. Employees should observe the principle of mutual respect in their contacts with patients, visitors and students, and in their working relationships with faculty and other employees.
  3. Employees should not engage in horseplay, scuffling, running, throwing objects, or immoral or indecent behavior on the University premises.
  4. Employees should not have other employees or guests visit them in their work areas

Physical Appearance and Presentation:

  1. Employees, in certain positions, MUST wear prescribed uniforms while on duty. Department directors are responsible for informing employees of specific requirements.
  2. Employees are expected to come to work clean, neat and also wearing attire appropriate for the work environment. 
  3. Employees are expected to wear their identification badges while on duty.   Badges are to be worn above the waist.
  4. Employees must not report to work or be on the University premises if smelling of alcohol or under the influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substances not prescribed by a physician.
  5. Employees, when purporting to represent the University, must accurately and honestly represent themselves and their positions to patients, visitors, students, other employees and the general public, and must not use another employee's identification badge.
  6. Employees who are not on duty should not be on the University premises, except for valid reasons.


Job Duties and Functions:

  1. Employees must follow, within the definitions of the job description, all oral (other duties as assigned) and posted work assignments.
  2. Employees must discuss patient and employee information in private and only with authorized personnel.


  1. Employees must maintain regular and punctual attendance. Departments should follow the Attendance Policy for reporting absenteeism from work.
  2. Employees must obtain permission from their supervisors when it becomes necessary to leave their work areas during working hours.
  3. Employees are expected, whenever possible, to respond to work assignments outside of regularly scheduled hours as may be necessary to provide essential staffing or support services.

Maintaining Records:

  1. Employees must accurately record their working time, and employees may not record work time of other employees. If done inappropriately, this can be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  2. Employees must not enter inaccurate or false information on any University or hospital records, including patient records, time records, employment applications or other personnel records.  This can be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Health and Safety:

  1. Employees are not allowed to smoke on UAMS property.   UAMS is a Smoke-Free Campus.
  2. Employees are strictly forbidden from sleeping on the job, except for when in an on-call status.
  3. Employees are expected to know and observe established fire and emergency procedures.
  4. Employees should use only authorized University entrances and exits.
  5. Employees must observe safe work practices and follow all published safety rules.

Property Access and Use Privileges:

  1. Employees are expected to use the internet for business purposes only.  Disciplinary action will be taken for any inappropriate use.
  2. UAMS telephones, fax machines and other telecommunication devices are intended for official business transactions and should not be used for personal reasons, except in cases of an urgent nature.1  The use of cellular telephones should be limited to where there is no interference with completion of job duties and responsibilities.
  3. Employees must always use or operate University property and equipment in a safe and proper manner. Making equipment inoperative or failing to use safety devices can result in injuries to employees or others.2
  4. Employees should use UAMS property for authorized purposes only.
  5. Employees should assist in keeping University equipment, buildings and grounds clean, orderly and in good condition, and should avoid creating or contributing to unsanitary or unsightly conditions.



  1. Employees may engage in solicitation and/or distribution of printed or written material or posting and/or removal of notices or signs only when permitted or authorized in advance to do so.
  2. Employees should refer to Policy 4.4.09, Ethical Conduct/Gift Policy, regarding gratuities, gifts or personal favors from vendors, patients or visitors.

Campus Police and Security Measures:

  1. Employees finding property on the University premises must deliver such property to the Campus Police Department (686-7777) where a lost and found service is provided. 
  2. Employees must make all packages, handbags, purses, tote bags, briefcases, shopping bags or other containers being brought into or taken from the University buildings available for inspection upon request by supervisors or the Campus Police Department.
  3. Employees must not, under any circumstances, bring unauthorized firearms or weapons of any kind onto the University premises.
  4. Employees must not commit any criminal act on the University premises, or against patients, visitors, students or fellow employees.
  5. Employees are strictly forbidden from stealing, misappropriating or removing from University premises any property belonging to patients, visitors, students, contractors, or other employees of the University. This includes the removal of any University property that has been discarded and sample products.


1 UAMS Policy 3.1.03
2 UAMS Policy 11.4.01 and UAMS Policy 11.4.15
3 UAMS Policy 3.1.01