NUMBER: 4.2.02
DATE: 09/01/00
REVISION: 07/01/2003 



The purpose of this policy is to notify employees of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) of procedures to be followed for compensatory time. UAMS is authorized, under a 1986 amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), to grant its employees compensatory time off in lieu of overtime payment.

General instructions for the use of SAP/HR (Infotype 0050) are found in the manual Personnel Administration for Department Users”, at the UAMS Enterprise website:


Employees who hold positions which are non-exempt (“hourly”) under FLSA must be compensated for excess hours worked. For employees who work 40 hours per week, overtime is considered to be any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek. Employees who are exempt “(“salaried”) under FLSA are not required to receive overtime or compensatory time off. Compensatory time should be used to compensate for overtime whenever possible. Under State Law, cash payments may be paid to UAMS employees only in critical circumstances.

“Non-exempt” means “hourly”, a designation which is found in the field “Employee subgroup” on most SAP/HR on most infotypes, with the data “Full time / hourly”, “Part time / hourly” or “Temporary / hourly”.  “Exempt” means “salaried” and appears in the same SAP field as “Full time / salaried”, “Part time / salaried”, or “Temporary / Salaried”


1.      In Accutime (Kronos), hours over 40 in a work week for an “hourly” employee will automatically default to either “comp" or "overtime”. This choice is made in SAP/HR on infotype 0050, “Time Recording” in the field “Grrp. att./absence”.  The drop-down choices include the designation “OT” or “COMP” which are combined with the minutes to deduct for lunch.                        

2.       Compensatory time off is calculated at a rate of one and one-half times the number of overtime hours worked. For example, an employee who works two hours of overtime in a work week earns three hours of compensatory time off. For employees who routinely clock IN and OUT using Accutime (Kronos), COMPA (comp accrued) is automatically generated when hours worked exceed 40 in a workweek. For employees who do not use clocks, the timekeeper must enter COMPA hours manually into the system. Timekeepers may also move hours from COMPA to OT or from OT to COMPA using the "move" function in Accutime.                                                                                        

3.       Compensatory time hours must be tracked manually by the department timekeeper by posting 1.5 hours of future time off for every hour of COMPA earned by the employee. The maximum accrual level of compensatory time allowed by law is 240 hours for 160 hours of COMPA.  Public Safety Officers may accrue up to 480 compensatory time off hours for 320 hours of COMPA. Once these maximums are reached, any additional overtime must be paid in cash and posted in Accutime as OT.                                                                             

4.       Employees wishing to use accrued compensatory time hours must make a written request to their supervisor. Supervisors may also determine when comp time must be used and advise the employee to take time-off as designated. When considering compensatory time requests, the needs of the employee must be balanced with the operational needs of the department. Compensatory hours are posted in Accutime (Kronos) as COMPU (comp used).  The department timekeeper should manually reduce the “comp balance” of available hours for the employee by the number of COMPU hours posted.                                                                                                                    

5.       Non-Exempt (“hourly”) employees who leave UAMS employment are entitled to payment for any accrued, unused compensatory time. Compensatory hours will be paid at the last rate of pay immediately prior to separation, or the average rate of pay for the three prior years, whichever is greater. Timekeepers should post COMPU hours along with any TERMLV (terminal leave) hours to be paid to the Accutime Timecard Employees requesting further information on compensatory time may contact the Office of Human Resources at 686-5650.


UAMS Policy 4.2.01, "Overtime Compensation"
UAMS Policy 4.2.11, "Paying Excess Hours for Exempt Personnel"